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The early years are the most important for a child’s brain development.  We first work on making a successful transition from home to school and develop an interest in learning.  Our 2-3 year old program emphasizes learning through age appropriate activities.  Our youngest students are encouraged to develop their emotional, language, and social skills.  The children have the opportunity to explore their world using all of their senses, which allows them to blossom to their fullest potential.


Our goals with our 3-4 year old students include developing a health self image, emphasizing the importance of relationships with each other as well as experience the environment around them.  We learn to work together and respect each other’s feelings.  We promote their creativity, self-confidence and independence. Our curriculum has a variety of fun filled activities that are age appropriate.  Areas of interest that are covered but are not limited to include:

                         All About Me

                         Community Helpers

                         The Four Season of the Year




Through these theme topics our students develop social, emotional, fine, gross and academic skills that include:

 identification of basic colors and shapes

 sequencing and patterning

 counting to 20

 identifying numbers 0-10

 scissor skills


Our Pre-K curriculum goal is to challenge and educate our students with emphasis on kindergarten (school) readiness skills.  We understand the important of providing a program that encourages exploration as to build a foundation for future academic success.  Our curriculum provides the opportunity to enhance letter, math, thinking and problem solving skills.

Our teachers use the Scholastic curriculum created to teach letter and sound recognition.  Each week a new letter is introduced.  Along with the letter the children learn a new rhyme, song, and game to reinforce alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness.

Math concepts that will be covered include, recognizing number 1-20, patterning, sequencing, sorting, measuring, comparing, and estimating.  Our curriculum also will provide the students with opportunity to perform science experiments and cooking activities.


In order to meet the needs of our Preschool families we have a wonderful AfterCare program.  All of our students are welcomed to join our afternoon staff whenever the need arises.  In the afternoon all age groups have the opportunity to interact together and make friends.  The purpose (goal) of the AfterCare program is to provide the children with a fun, safe and learning rich environment. A monthly calendar is given to all our students, which keeps every one informed f all the different theme topics that are covered in AfterCare.

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Preschool Director, Sue Trimarco

Preschool Office (772)334-0815